Very Comprehensive Range of Specialty Products available locally

    This allows the local customers to order in smaller quantities, and help them to reduce the capital investment of building a local stock to their materials requirements.

Vendors Reduction

    Xtreme Blue is one stop shop for thousands of products from tens of world-class producers, which greatly helps to cut down the number of suppliers and simplify the logistic process.

Local Technical Support

    We have a very professional team of chemists, engineers, pharmacists, and PhD plus a local application laboratory to help the local customers to develop new innovative products in line with the international market trends and local needs.


Logistics & Warehousing

    Xtreme Blue has a network of warehousing facilities strategically located to allows us to respond swiftly to our fast-growing customers’ needs. We are ever upgrading our facilities in order to stay ahead of competition and to provide top customer service.

    We emphasize carrying sufficient inventory of our range of products so that our customers can be assured of continuous, uninterrupted supply flow. This is in line with our Service Excellence philosophy – which is to place our customers’ needs above all.